OpenLab, Johannesburg

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OpenLab, Johannesburg was established in April 2017 and is located in the rainbow country, South Africa with an area of 200 square meters. The center focuses on four capacities: Joint innovation, partner development, solution development, and industry experience. Johannesburg OpenLab works together with global, regional, and local partners, concentrating on Safe City, Smart Grid, and Smart City solution to develop competitive solutions for industrial customers. Up until August, all SD-DC2 Virtual platform systems, eLTE Trunking systems, IVS systems, ICP systems, and CAD systems had been deployed in Johannesburg OpenLab. Johannesburg OpenLab supports the demonstration of Safe City converged command, video cloud, and facial recognition scenario, as well as supporting the development and verification of joint solution composed of the Huawei’s and partners’ service systems.

If you are interested in joint solutions, joint verifications, or visits, please click the “Cooperation/Consultation” button to contact us by email.

Industry Experience Center

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