OpenLab, Suzhou

OpenLab Suzhou

OpenLab, Suzhou was established in August of 2012, utilizing an area of 2,000 square meters for partner collaboration. The focus maximizes four strengths: Joint innovation, partner development, solution development, and industry experience. Suzhou OpenLab works together with global, regional, and local partners, concentrating on Smart Cities, finance, transportation, power grid, and manufacturing, in order to provide clients with competitive solutions.

OpenLab, Suzhou

Remote Lab

Convenient secondary development and remote assistance platform, which provides one-stop consultation service through a website; remote lab supports connection not requiring a business trip, zero cost to construct an environment; and multiple channels to solve secondary development issues.

Solution Development Center

This center offers a unique environment for development and verification — to develop, test, and verify from the customers’ perspective — in order to guarantee competitiveness and delivery quality of solutions.

Joint Innovation Center

Our goals are to create competitive solutions with innovative partners, also offer leading professional design capabilities, resulting in Win-Win world-class solutions.

Partner Development Center

Professional ICT talents profoundly support the partner development, and remote lab facilitates systematic development and testing.

Industry Experience Center

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